Send your requqest and dates for your own website.

We will create a good website for your items or service for 49 euros dollars

We will create a good website for your articles or services for 49 $. Euro. *** To the trial version of the website-- We first send you an e-mail where you can go to a trial version of your website with a link. If you are satisfield or write us your suggestion for improvement with Mail, we will start working to create your personal website. We also make simple websites for about 49 Euros dollar for the year link to the side with this offer. Send photos and text for this website. And your desired domain name .com.

1. First you need to fill out the form, provide your adress, determine the design of the website, send pictures to us of your logo and your products, we advertise a prototype website for you

2. We will send you our suggestions on your ideas.Your can then let us know Mail share what else you want to change. What color and other division of the web shop design you want. How should the website be adapted to your ideas.

3. We revise the whole thing again and put the result into the net on a test surfer. You can test all functions of the website.

4. You are satisfied with the result. Let us know what name you want for the website. We will see for the registration of the name. We use com as an extension.

5. When you send us the outstanding payment to our account, we will set online page and send you your administrative access data with e-mail.